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Tarit K. Bose Airbreathing Propulsion
Airbreathing Propulsion

Airbreathing Propulsion

An Introduction av Tarit K. Bose - Solgt av myWorld

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Tarit K. Bose - Airbreathing Propulsion


The book, Air-breathing Propulsion, is class-tested and was used for teaching of under- and postgraduate students of mechanical and aerospace engineering about the present day aircraft piston, turbo-prop, turbo-jet and turbofan engines, as well as about ramjets.
The method of teaching is a unified approach for physics of combustion, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, structural mechanics, heat and mass transfer and aerodynamic noise problems on axial and radial compressors and turbines, and their components, for clear understanding of the subject to the reader.
There are numerous illustrations, tables examples, and exercises for the benefit of the reader. Data table of a very large number of aircraft engines, collected from many books and internet are provided, and the historical data on engines would be of particular interest to the reader. The interactive computer code PAGIC provided, would be of interest to examine the relations between the performance parameters of an engine, for example, compression ratio and the turbine inlet temperature on one hand, and the thrust, work output, thermodynamic efficiency, specific fuel consumption, etc. on the other for the gas turbines. As a result the reader himself, using the code would be able to find out the information like turbine inlet temperature, if this has not been provided for a particular engine.


This unified approach to teaching the physics of combustion, fluid dynamics and other properties of aircraft engines covers both modern and historical power units and features exercises and extensive data that allow readers to evaluate comparative results.


Author Tarit Bose

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GTIN 9781461435310

Release Date 12.06.2012

Language English

Pages 314

Product Type Bok

Dimension 235 x 156 x 155  mm

Product Weight 652 g

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