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Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 8 automatisk båndlagringsenhet og bibliotek 2U Svart, Hvit

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RDX QuikStation 8 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments. The RDX QuikStation 8 provides 8 integrated RDX drives. Combined with Tandberg Data’s 5TB RDX media, the system provides up to 40TB of online capacity and unlimited offline capacity.

The highly flexible RDX QuikStation allows users to configure the unit as:

Disk Modes:
- 8 individual RDX QuikStor drives in removable and fixed disk mode (addressable via 1 to 8 hosts)
- 2 Logical Volumes with up to 4 RDX Drives (addressable via 2 hosts)
- 1 Logical Volume with up to 8 RDX Drives (addressable via 1 host)

Automation Modes:
- Emulated StorageLoader™ (8 slots and 1 LTO tape drive)
- Emulated StorageLibrary™ T24 (8 slots and 2 LTO tape drives)
- Emulated disk autoloader (8 slots and 1 drive)

Hybrid Mode:
1 hybrid configuration that offers a combination of a LTO StorageLoader and 4 RDX targets

RDX QuikStation 8 Advantages
Configuration flexibility

The RDX QuikStation provides removable data protection for any or many systems on the same network. The removable disk appliance emulates different configurable storage types, offering users versatility and expanded compatibility. The RDX-based appliance can look like a tape library or autoloader, virtual RDX drives, logical volumes, or a combination of tape and disk.

High Performing iSCSI Network Storage
QuikStation 8 is offered with two bonded 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports with load balancing and failover. An IPMI-port provides remote management capabilities.

Overcome Capacity Limitations and Data Availability
Spanning data over several RDX media is possible by using either LTO Tape Automation modes or creating a single RDX Media volume that can be expanded but still maintains all RDX benefits of removability and protection of customer’s data.

Data Integrity and Security
RDX WORM media are available for regulatory compliance archiving. RDX WORM has been assessed by KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, to numerous regulations. To avoid threats by cryptolockers, RDX RansomBlock can be used to protect the RDX disk volumes while they are online. Alternatively, customers can use the LTO Tape Automation modes and benefit from the LTO Ransomware protection.

Built-in web-based management with multi language support is accessible from any standard web browser and offers user-friendly control, automated firmware updates, management, operation, status and security.

Product Features

Features Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 8. Standard grensesnitt: USB 2.0,USB 3.0, Maksimal støttet lagringskapasitet: 40 TB, Nettverksgrensesnitt: 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Burst-overføringshastighet: 2000 MB/s. Formfaktor: 2U, Produktfarge: Svart, Hvit. Krav til strømforsyning: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, Strømforbruk: 90 W. Bredde: 521 mm, Dybde: 440 mm, Høyde: 86 mm

Product Details


GTIN 07050776089436

Release Date 16.11.2018

Dimension 86 x 521 x 440  mm

Product Weight 15000 g

Manufacturer Part Number 8943-RDX

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