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Sony Playstation Classic Game Console Grey including 20 Games and 2 Controllers 421462

av Sony

Denne varen er dessverre utsolgt.

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The PlayStation Classic includes 20 of the best games for the first PlayStation console, including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash !, Wild Arms and many more that will be announced soon.

The design of the PlayStation Classic is a perfect replica of the original console, with the same logo, the same key arrangement and the same package - but 45% less than the PlayStation in 1994. This miniature console comes with two wired controllers, a equipped HDMI cable for connecting to the TV as well as a virtual memory card with which you can store your adventure before you switch to another track.

The controller for the first PlayStation, with its four shoulder buttons and an ergonomic design changed the way we play - and comes with the PlayStation Classic two of these iconic controller are the same included.

Included Games:
- Battle Arena Toshinden
- Cool Boarders 2
- Destruction Derby
- Final Fantasy VII
- Grand Theft Auto
- Intelligent Qube
- Jumping Flash!
- Metal Gear Solid
- Mr Driller
- Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
- Rayman
- Resident Evil Director's Cut
- Revelations: Persona
- Ridge Racer Type 4
- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
- Syphon Filter
- Tekken 3
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
- Twisted Metal
- Wild Arms

Product Features

Features Content:
- PlayStation Classic
- 2x wired controller
- HDMI cable
- USB cable
- Operation manual

Product Details


GTIN 0711719999492

Release Date 03.12.2018

Dimension 105 x 149 x 33  mm

Product Weight 170 g

Colour Grey

Manufacturer Part Number 421462

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