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Intermediate Microeconomics

av Robert Mochrie - Solgt av myWorld

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This innovative textbook contains everything students need to know on an intermediate microeconomics course. Combining classic theory and models with the latest developments, it gently guides learners through the topics and helps them to become increasingly independent. Mathematical understanding is a crucial part of mastering the subject, but can be tricky to obtain. Consequently, numerical tools and engaging exercises are expertly woven into the broader, conceptual discussion of economic theory. This process is progressive and incremental, with steps explained in great detail in the opening chapters to help students gain mathematical fluency and confidence.

A microeconomics textbook that is essential reading for any intermediate level course at university. Although primarily aimed at two-semester undergraduate modules, the comprehensive and accessible writing style means that it is also suitable for certain postgraduate and one-semester courses. The author provides helpful notes on how to adapt the book to your course.


Robert Mochrie presents modern microeconomics in its full beauty: insightful, clear, rigorous, and broadened to include all of human behavior. Both students and scholars will gain from this intuitive and masterly development of economic theory, with its expression of ideas in mathematical form, and real world perspective introduced through illustrative examples. If you want to convince with economic arguments, you must master the foundations. This book, studied with care and time, will help you get there.
Stephanie Rosenkranz, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Intermediate Microeconomics is a great book, set to become a staple for those of us teaching at this level. We finally have a text that combines both traditional theory with a substantive amount of Game Theory and also ventures into Behavioural Economics. It puts the development of the student's understanding and acquisition of analytical skills proactively at its core with an excellent fusion of technical rigor and clear, intuitive exposition.
Anne Gasteen, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Glasgow Caledonian University

This book introduces a wide variety of rich and complex theories of microeconomics, with many useful tools designed to assist student learning. These include help with mathematical notation, clearly articulated explanations of core concepts and numerous problem sets to help build on the material introduced in each section. I recommend this as a valuable resource for all students learning about microeconomics at an intermediate level.
Joe Cox, Portsmouth University, UK

Robert Mochrie has done a remarkable job at presenting the key theoretical principles in a very accessible and rigorous/accurate way. The book deals brilliantly with both the intuitive as well as the analytical side of microeconomics and aims at students that already have some intuitive understanding of microeconomics. The very elegant and simple presentation as well as the extensive coverage of resource allocation in an intermediate microeconomics textbook is rare and forms an excellent foundation for teaching on an intermediate level.
Anna Göddeke, Reutlingen University, Germany

The textbook is a very valuable addition to the existing ones. It combines basic concepts, lots of examples, and applications with mathematical rigor and exercises in a very effective way.
Martin Kocher, University of Munich, Germany


This innovative intermediate microeconomics textbook covers both standard theory and exciting topics and developments, such as behavioural economics and advanced game theory. The book's unique problem-solving approach encourages active learning, introducing the mathematical tools that underpin economic theory in an accessible, student-friendly way.


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GTIN 9781137008442

Release Date 26.10.2015

Language English

Pages 672

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