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OKI Nadeldrucker Microline 1190eco,24 Nadel

av OKI - Solgt av myWorld

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All OKI Printing Solution products are expertly designed to work with the minimum need for technical support thanks to the technical advancements made.

However, if for any reason you are experiencing problems or are looking to upgrade by adding any additional accessories, the following pages will assist you. This support section also offers you help and advise so that you can achieve maximum impact with your OKI Printing Solutions product.

Product Features

Technical Specifications OKI ML1190eco. Maximum resolution: 360 x 360 DPI, Printing width: 80 characters. Maximum print speed: 333 cps, Maximum print speed (draft): 333 cps, Maximum print speed (LQ): 83 cps. Print head: 24-pin, Print direction: Bi-direction, Standard printer languages: Epson ESC/P2,IBM ProPrinter. Paper feed: Pull tractor,Push tractor, Standard tray media types: Envelopes,Labels,Plain paper, Continuous paper width range: 76.2 - 254 mm. Buffer size: 128 KB

Features OKI ML1190eco. Maksimal oppløsning: 360 x 360 DPI, Utskriftsbredde: 80 tegn. Maksimal utskriftshastighet: 333 cps, Maksimal utskriftshastighet (draft): 333 cps, Maksimal utskriftshastighet (LQ): 83 cps. Skrivehoder: 24-pin, Utskriftsretning/papirretning: Bi-direksjonal, Standard skriverspråk: Epson ESC/P2,IBM ProPrinter. Papir feed: Traktor trekker (mating), Traktor mater, Standard medietyper for papirskuff: Konvolutter, Ettiketter, Vanlig Papir, Kontinuerlig papir-bredde intervall: 76,2 - 254 mm. Bufferstørrelse: 128 KB

Product Details

DUIN RR29F1I8271

GTIN 5031713056676

Release Date 20.01.2014

Dimension 150 x 349 x 232  mm

Product Weight 5480 g

Manufacturer Part Number 43516922

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