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Die englischen Klassiker der Nationalökonomie

av Joachim Starbatty - Solgt av myWorld

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The English classics of the national economy gave economics its generally-accepted scientific foundation: They systematically measured connections of cause and effect and disclosed the interdependencies of economic activity. Confrontation with the English classics provides the reader with the necessary clarity regarding the spirit of the historical background of the Western economic order. Anyone concerned with economic developments and the economic effects of political activity can, and must, study the classics. The work is supplemented by a contribution of Professor Heinz Rieter on patterns of interpretation of classic national economy.


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GTIN 9783170256583

Release Date 10.02.2016

Language German

Pages 178

Original Title The English Classics of the National Economy

Product Type Pocketbok

Dimension 210 x 5 x 135  mm

Product Weight 247 g

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