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Aeronautical Research in Germany

av Ernst Heinrich Hirschel - Solgt av myWorld

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From the pioneering glider flights of Otto Lilienthal (1891) to the advanced avionics of today's Airbus passenger jets, aeronautical research in Germany has been at the forefront of the birth and advancement of aeronautics. On the occasion of the centennial commemoration of the Wright Brother's first powered flight (December 1903), this English-language edition of Aeronautical Research in Germany recounts and celebrates the considerable contributions made in Germany to the invention and ongoing development of aircraft.

Featuring hundreds of historic photos and non-technical language, this comprehensive and scholarly account will interest historians, engineers, and, also, all serious airplane devotees. Through individual contributions by 35 aeronautical experts, it covers in fascinating detail the milestones of the first 100 years of aeronautical research in Germany, within the broader context of the scientific, political, and industrial milieus. This richly illustrated and authoritative volume constitutes a most timely and substantial overview of the crucial contributions to the foundation and advancement of aeronautics made by German scientists and engineers.


Author Horst Prem

Author Gero Madelung

Author Ernst Heinrich Hirschel

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DUIN VL771UO6887

GTIN 9783642621291

Release Date 09.11.2012

Language English

Pages 694

Original Title Die deutsche Luftfahrt; Luftfahrtforschung in Deutschland 3-7637-6123-3

Original Language German

Product Type Pocketbok

Dimension 242 x 193 x 193  mm

Product Weight 1403 g

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