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Cenan Al-Ekabi European Autonomy in Space
European Autonomy in Space

European Autonomy in Space

av Cenan Al-Ekabi - Solgt av myWorld

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Cenan Al-Ekabi - European Autonomy in Space


The volume provides analyses and evaluations of the continuing importance of Europe's autonomy in its access to space as a key driver in the development of European space capabilities. From a detailed historical analysis of some of the pitfalls of dependence in the space industry, experts analyse the full range of current European space capabilities and identify areas where autonomy is both possible and required, even in a situation of severe budgetary constraints.
The contributions present a comprehensive overview of European efforts in a broad range of areas including energy, culture, science, and security; access to space, space applications, human spaceflight, security and space situational awareness, and strategic issues. They make a cogent strategic and economic case for policy makers to continue to bear in mind the importance of autonomous space capabilities, even in an interdependent globalised world.


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GTIN 9783319111094

Release Date 20.01.2015

Language English

Pages 198

Product Type Bok

Dimension 235 x 162 x 155  mm

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